Energy-Star Appliances Can Help You Save Money

Your household appliances are responsible for a large percentage of the energy consumed in your home. As a matter of fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approximates that kitchen appliances account for almost half of the $2,000 that most average families spend on utilities each year. In addition, appliances that are over 10 years old use more energy than their newer counterparts.

The Energy Star classification system was created by the EPA and the US Dept of Energy (DOE). This system identifies home appliances that decrease energy consumption, lower your utility bills and improve the air quality in your home. Energy Star appliances are usually more expensive than traditional models but the savings in daily energy usage will help them pay for themselves in the long term. Some Energy Star appliances can even save you up to half of the energy you use each day.

Understanding Your EnergyGuide Label:

All Energy Star appliances are required to have an EnergyGuide label. This label displays the model number, features, size and capacity of the appliance. In addition, the label estimates the average energy usage and operation costs of the model per year. home appliances mahadevapura

Each label also displays a range of energy used per year by similar models so that you can comparison shop and determine if this particular model meets your needs.

Standard Features of Energy Star Appliances:


o Use up to 40% less electricity.

o Savings of up to $150 each year.


o Use 50% less water.

o Use over 40% less energy.

o Save $90 over the lifetime of your dishwasher.

Clothes Washer:

o Use 50% less water.

o Reduce drying time by extracting more water in the spin cycle.

o Less wear and tear on your clothing.

o Use up to 40% less electricity.

o Savings of up to $110 each year.


o Use between 10 – 20% less electricity.

o Savings of approximately $30 each year.

Household Air Conditioner:

o Use 10% less energy.

o Save approximately $250 over the lifetime of your air conditioner.

Investing in Energy Star appliances will help you save on monthly utility costs and reduce emissions in your home and the environment. It’s an easy way to save yourself some money plus do your part for the environment.

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